Certifications: PA-UCP – DBE – SECTION 3 – MBE


Certifications: PA-UCP – DBE – SECTION 3 – MBE

Proudly Serving Our Community

Pryor Traffic Control LLC takes pride in keeping our community safe, one vehicle at at time.

Minimizing Disruption

We offer safe and effective traffic management at competitive rates.

Protecting Corporate Assets

Get behind us as we reduce your Liability, while preventing loss & protecting your business

Safe and Efficient Road Closing

Contact us to close your roads, allow us to remove a step from your busy schedule


  • Road Closing, Standard & Emergency
  • Standard Flagging Operations
  • Rolling Flagging Operations
  • Permitting & Variances
  • Road Side Service

Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

Providing a Safe, Local Alternative from Our Expensive Competitors.

Better Quality At affordable Rates

Our teams are always professional, well-kept and well trained. Planning ahead helps assure a smooth successful day. Our Services teams take measures to ensure safe, efficient traffic flow in and around your project while working in-sync with your personnel. If something unexpected happens (which should always be planned for), our professionals adjust quickly to ANY situation.

Permitting and Variances

Coming from out of town? Allow us to assist you in acquiring the proper permits and variances to complete your project

Road Closures

Allow us to properly close roads for your project, while protecting the public and your assets

Professional Staff

Our team members are all Certified Flag-people, personally trained to be the safest around. Unlike out competitors, our team members will never be caught without their PPE

Road Side Assistance

Our vehicles are equipped with suitable gear to get most stuck vehicles up and running in order to keep traffic moving

Standard Flagging

Rolling convoy, 2 way flagging, our team members come fully equipped with their PPE, and all necessary equipment to safely manage any traffic situation


PTC is certified DBE, MBE, Section 3, and PA-UCP. Contact us now to see how we can help you with inclusion, while supplying incredible service at competitive rates


Cleanimg Up The Community

Our team members often serve the community by volunteering their time to pick up trash in our cities neighborhoods.


New Gear and Equipment

Our team members are always equipped with new fucntional gear. Broken or damaged gear is replaced regularly.


Customer Service Experts

In most cases, flag-people are the face of the job. It is our duty to protect and serve commuters, so you can focus on what you came there to do, finish the job. Our Premium road-closing team is composed of the best customer-centric safety technicians in the city! Sometimes in the construction industry when we are disrupting the natural flow  of a neighborhood; our special services statistically reduce complaints and frustration due to construction. CONTACT US NOW for a FREE Quote


Competitive rates to give our customers an advantage over their competitors, with Superior team members to keep your projects safe and moving.

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10+ years Construction Experience

Our leadership team is competent in and around a job site with many years of experience and training.

Client Testimonials

“You made our job incredibly easy! We will recommend!”

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